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Verizon looks at the emergence of software-defined networking

Lee Field, Associate Director for Solution Architecture, Asia, at Verizon, discusses why companies should embrace software-defined networking (SDN) as an opportunity for reducing costs and improving performance… SDN is not a new technology as such, but uses for it are. Businesses are finding novel and exciting ways to leverage SDN to improve performance, reinvent business processes… Read More

Verizon to submit bid for Yahoo

Sources close to the company have confirmed that Verizon will submit a first-round bid to purchase Yahoo’s web business early next week, and that they may offer to take on Yahoo Japan as well. Time Inc. and Google are said to still be considering whether or not to make an offer, while AT&T, Comcast, and… Read More

Cloud: From adoption to transformation

As cloud pervades and objectives shift towards digital transformation, new challenges emerge, says Ryan Eames, chief architect at Verizon Enterprise Solutions, Asia-Pacific… The main challenge for businesses now is how best to manage and orchestrate multiple clouds from multiple vendors. Three-quarters of IT decision makers are planning multi-cloud architectures, with 53% already using 2 to… Read More

Verizon looks at emerging trends for 2016

Lee Field, Associate Director for Solution Architecture, Asia, at Verizon, discusses the trends that will shape the technology landscape over the next 12 months. From the growth of Software Defined Networks (SDN) to some surprising uses for IoT devices, 2016 promises to be an exciting year for IT. Here are five key trends to watch… Read More

AT&T follows Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile with price hike on grandfathered data plans

The age of the unlimited data deal grinds a few feet further to conclusion as AT&T announces that it will increase the price of ‘grandfathered’ unlimited mobile data deals from February 2016, in a move which mirrors that taken by rival telcos Verizon and Sprint in October and T-Mobile in November. That said, the pain… Read More