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UK Government pledges £100m investment for AI taskforce

The UK Government is to invest £100 million for a taskforce to develop AI models for fields such as healthcare and education. The recently formed Department for Science, Innovation and Technology said the cash injection will be startup funding to support the taskforce in the development of foundation models – a type of artificial intelligence… Read More

Climate tech boom in UK: A beacon of hope in the against climate change

In an era when climate change increasingly dominates global conversations, the UK is emerging as a powerhouse in the climate tech sector. Tech Nation’s Climate Tech Report 2022 revealed that despite a challenging investment environment, the UK has experienced significant growth in climate tech investments, bolstering its green economy. Investment Surge in Climate Tech With… Read More

Castrol testing immersion cooling at UK headquarters

Castrol, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BP that specializes in lubricants, is planning to build an immersion cooling test site at its UK headquarters.

UK government holds power shortage talks with data centre operators

Anticipating possible power shortages in the coming months, representatives from the UK Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport have held discussions with data centre owners and operators focusing on operational resilience.

TikTok may be fined $29 million by the UK for children’s privacy failures

Social media giant TikTok is facing a major fine after the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) provisionally ruled that the company may have fallen short of their legal obligations around the UK’s data protection law.