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$700 million investment in Didi Dache dashes Uber’s hopes in China

In the wake of Softbank’s recent $250mn (£159mn) investment in GrabTaxi, the bid for domination of the taxi-app market in China is becoming very committed – today it is reported that cab-hailing company Didi Dache has raised $700mn in round D funding for its Didi Taxi mobile system, greatly surpassing the $100mn committed to it earlier this… Read More

Uber ‘amateur taxi’ service banned in New Delhi after rape incident arrest

Uber, the smartphone-based service which enables otherwise unlicensed drivers to provide on-demand taxi services in major cities around the world, has been dealt the biggest blow against its image in a year which has brought many others. After a complicated hunt at the weekend, Indian police officers arrested an Uber taxi driver on the charge… Read More

Uber overwrought at obstacles to operating in India

With an almost pathological determination to remain in controversial headlines, crowd-sourcing taxi-service giant Uber’s latest rift is with India, whose insistence on two-factor authentication for payment from casual passengers to casual drivers, has irked the company. Though the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is technically the aggressor in this negotiation to let the company operate in India… Read More

Uber gives green light to prying for “legitimate business purposes”

The latest bout of Silicon Valley privacy concerns has come after car service startup Uber suggested that it would snoop into the private lives of journalists – serving as a reminder the power tech companies hold over users’ data. Uber senior vice president Emil Michael announced last Friday his wish to invest $1mn to investigate… Read More