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Uber believes Lapsus$-affiliated hacker caused breach

Ridesharing firm Uber has accused the hacking group Lapsus$ of being responsible for a breach that impacted a number of internal systems.

SoftBank sets out jobs layoffs at Vision Fund after major loss

After posting a massive loss of more than $23 billion in the April to June quarter, employees at SoftBank’s flagship Vision Fund are bracing for job cuts.

Advertising can harm tech firms’ profits

Advertising innovative products can cause technology firms to make less money, according to a new UCL study. The findings of a paper from academics at the UCL School of Management show that adoption of new products is often hindered by psychological anxiety. Early adopters, who tend to be less anxious people, the study says, will… Read More

Here’s how Didi could take on Uber in Mexico

Following the official announcement by Didi that it has set up business in Mexico, where its arch-rival Uber has an 87% market share, the question that everybody wants answered is: who will win? The two companies have engaged in a hugely costly battle before, in Didi’s home country of China, where Uber was eventually driven… Read More

Uber and Volkswagen partner with Nvidia on self-driving AI chips

Nvidia has announced it will supply Uber and Volkswagen with its artificial intelligence chips for their self-driving car projects. Speaking at CES in Las Vegas, Jensen Huang, Nvidia’s CEO, announced that the firm is partnering with both the ride-hailing giant and the German automobile manufacturer. Nvidia’s AI offerings are being used by Uber to help… Read More