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Meet the startup that could put an end to human traders

Cover photo: left to right: Juan Pablo Braña (CDO), Alejandra M.J.Litterio (CRO), Adrián Raguza (CEO), Nicolás Paladini (CBO). Credit: Alejandra Litterio/Eye Capital Financial traders operate in a fast-paced, high-risk and complex... Read More

NTT Group releases proof of concept for Las Vegas smart city

NTT Group has created the first smart city proof of concept for Las Vegas, as part of the Las Vegas Digital Transformation initiative. Created in conjunction with Dell Technologies, the... Read More

Dell unveils modular data center products for AI workloads

Dell Technologies, at the Dell Technologies World Conference in Las Vegas, rolled out a new line of modular data center products, focused on workloads involving AI, machine learning, and big... Read More

Gartner: 2018 data centre spending growth slows

Global IT spending grows, while data centre growth slows The latest projections from Gartner Research, Inc. show that global IT spending is expected to reach $3.7 trillion (approx. £2.61 trillion) in... Read More

DataBank announces new Kansas City data centre

DataBank, the Dallas, TX-based provider of data center, cloud, and connectivity services, has announced a new data center facility to be built in Kansas City. Phase 1 of the new... Read More

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