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Data centre protection needs to improve, say U.S. mayors

Mayors from across the U.S. have voted for a resolution to improve protection of data centres across the country from various threats. The U.S. Conference of Mayors, which met recently in Boston, agreed unanimously on a resolution which calls for major improvements to data centre protection which would shield them from cyber attacks, physical attacks and… Read More

AWS announces cloud computing degree in Virginia

AWS and Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) have collaborated on the first cloud computing associate degree. Starting in autumn this year, the course will be provided as a specialisation of the college’s existing Information Systems Technology associate degree. There is a pressing demand for skills in this area, with LinkedIn finding that cloud and distributed… Read More

Facebook building $750 million Huntsville data centre

Facebook has announced its plans to build a 970,000 sq. feet, $750 million (approx. £565 million) data centre in Huntsville, Alabama. Builders will break ground this year, with the intention of having the site up and running by 2020. The social media giant explained in a blog post that building a data centre in Huntsville… Read More

Facebook liquid cooling system released for harsh climates

Facebook has created a new kind of liquid cooling system for the data centre, using water rather than air to cool facilities, so the company can build data centres in difficult climates. The new evaporative cooling system, StatePoint Liquid Cooling (SPLC), is more efficient than previous indirect cooling systems. It also allows for deployment in… Read More

AWS ‘power event’ disrupts largest U.S. availability zone

On Thursday, a power issue at an AWS data centre in Northern Virginia disrupted services throughout the US-EAST-1 region, the largest in the United States. At 3:13PM, the company Services Dashboard said that it was investigating connectivity issues in the region, and later confirmed that a data centre issue affecting physical servers and networking devices… Read More