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Twitter in talks to acquire Indian tech startup ZipDial

Twitter is looking to expand its relationship with Indian startup ZipDial Mobile Solutions with an acquisition deal in the range of $30mn to $40mn (approx. £20mn to £26mn), according to recent reports. As the second most populated country in the world after China, India has one of the biggest online audiences globally. The country is… Read More

Twitter reported to have made massive data centre investment in Atlanta

Short-form media giant Twitter is reported to be making a substantial investment in new data centre facilities in Atlanta. The new capacity will augment the company’s existing rack-space at the Atlanta Metro data centre and is provided by Quality Technology Services (QTS). The increased capacity will benefit Twitter users on the East Coast and in Europe…. Read More

An eavesdropping lamp that livetweets private conversations – the art of provocation, but is it art?

Wired reports that two artists in the US have built what they call Conversnitch, a device that looks like a lamp but is in fact listening to nearby conversations, which can be transcribed and snippets of those conversations posted to Twitter. Why? To raise questions about the nature of public and private spaces in an… Read More

News: Public cloud offers poor customer service

Using the public cloud means you have to expect poor customer service if something goes wrong according to Richard Thomas, chief executive officer of cloud monitoring specialist, NetEvidence. “Stick it all on Amazon or Google and it’s really quite cheap, very scaleable, but there isn’t a lot of control,” he said. “And when things break,… Read More