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Twitter: political polarisation increased 10-20% in last eight years

Researchers from Finland and Qatar have conducted a survey of eight years’ worth of social media output on Twitter, with the findings suggesting an increase in retrenched or polarised conversations... Read More

Twitter adds ‘hellban’ to anti-abuse measures

Twitter has announced today that it is rolling out a raft of additional measures to counteract abuse of the platform – including a feature whereby the missives of identified abusers... Read More

Research: ethical data mining requires dynamic consent

Information posted publicly on social media provides a rich source of data for researchers to study, but ethical questions arise when data is used without the person’s express consent –... Read More

Scientists go ‘rogue’ on Twitter to fight Trump climate change policies

Scientists and environmentalists across the United States are setting up ‘rogue’ Twitter accounts in support of climate change research, as a stand against the newly-inaugurated Donald Trump’s policies on the... Read More

Social media curator algorithms may be detrimental to user

A team of researchers from Oxford University has argued that a sufficiently sophisticated recommender algorithm, curating content to engage social networking customers, may use curation strategies that are detrimental to... Read More

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