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Germany to fine social media €50mn for illegal content

The German government has voted in favor of a new law that includes, among other things, fines of up to €50 million to social media companies that fail to remove ‘obviously illegal’ content in a set time frame. The new law, known as NetzDG, will be effective in October of this year and outlines strict timelines for… Read More

ICO investigating big data analytics in politics

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for the United Kingdom has begun an investigation into the political use of private data, specifically in relation to data analytics used in the Brexit referendum. The investigators will also review activity in the current general election campaign. The issue at hand is whether or not voters’ privacy is compromised… Read More

New system detects hate speech in Tweets via Deep Learning

IIIT-Hyderabad’s Informational and Retrieval Extraction Lab (IREL) has devised a system that can detect the presence of hatred in Tweets The majority of tweets are sent as communication, advertising or offering kind words. Unfortunately, a minority are sent with more nefarious intentions, to spread hate. Could these kinds of tweet become things of the past?… Read More

New method discovered to accurately predict personality from Twitter posts

A team of researchers from IBM have found that a user’s personality type may be accurately inferred from social media posts using much smaller sample sizes than previously thought. The researchers published their experiment and results in a paper entitled “25 Tweets to Know You: A New Model to Predict Personality with Social Media.” Using… Read More

Fake news successfully mitigated in social media study

A team of researchers has successfully demonstrated a method of mitigating fake news on social media networks by combining reinforcement learning with a point process network activity model. Because flagging, fact-checking and reporting news as ‘fake’ or suspect requires a high degree of human oversight, researchers from Georgia Tech and Georgia State University propose that… Read More