Latest Tor publications

Tor releases Messenger Beta for secure chat

The anonymous community Tor Project has released a beta version of its Tor Messenger app – a chat platform which it intends to promote among users concerned with digital privacy and security. The latest release follows two years of development work by the Tor team, and also comes nearly nine months after the first alpha… Read More

TRR: TOR-inspired anonymity tool for Bitcoin

Researchers at Shenzhen University, China, have introduced a new anonymity system for Bitcoin called Transaction Remote Release (TRR), inspired by the TOR network, to render typical deanonymising tools ineffective. The technology uses multi-layered encryption to protect the identity of individuals carrying out Bitcoin transactions. However, unlike The Onion Router (TOR), TRR will not be available… Read More

Hundreds of Dark Web mirror sites ‘booby-trapping’ Tor users

Tor users are being warned about hundreds of fake and booby-trapped .onion websites after the founder of Dark Web search engine ahmia.fi noticed a clone of his own site online. Juha Nurmi, who operates an open source .onion search engine, found over two hundred fake replicas of Dark Web pages, including the popular Tor version… Read More

Sun launches Tor-based ‘whistleblowers’ system for secure leaks

British tabloid The Sun has announced a new secure drop scheme designed to encourage people to share information anonymously online as part of a ‘Whistleblowers’ charter’. The Rupert Murdoch-owned paper follows a number of leading media groups in the UK and internationally – including the Globe, the Washington Post and the Guardian – in adopting… Read More

Belarus bans Tor and all anonymising internet technologies

In the wake of Russia’s announcement that it intends to ban Tor, VPNs and all other technologies that permit users to hide their identities on the internet, the neighbouring Republic of Belarus has announced [Russian language] that it will enable legislation to bring these restrictions into effect. The ban was announced in the official national portal of… Read More