Latest Tor publications

VPN provider removes Russian presence after servers seized

VPN provider Private Internet Access has pulled out of Russia in the wake of new internet surveillance legislation in the country. The company claims that some of its Russian servers... Read More

CloudFlare wants Tor to change or risk roadblocks

Content delivery network provider CloudFlare has asked to work with the Tor Project to implement solutions that will allow users of the anonymity-providing web browser to avoid blocks, CAPTCHAs and... Read More

New P2P torrent site ‘Play’ has no single point of failure

Legal complications and the constant blocking of online download platforms has resulted in many operators looking for new solutions for staying online in the future. Now, reports are pointing to... Read More

France seeks to ban public Wi-Fi and Tor browser after Paris attacks

France has proposed a new law which would see the country ban the use of the anonymous web browser Tor and free Wi-Fi services, in the wake of last month’s... Read More

Russian government seeks to cancel contract to crack Tor

The Russian Ministry of the Interior is seeking legal recourse to truncate an apparently failed contract with a Russian state corporation to crack TOR. In September, according [Russian language] to... Read More

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