Latest Thailand publications

Thai government announces new cloud data centre

The government of Thailand has announced that it will begin construction of a cloud data center early next year. The new facility is part of the government’s five-year strategic plan,... Read More

All new Thai SIMs will require fingerprint registration from March

It has been confirmed that Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) – who merely lease connectivity from infrastructure providers – will not be exempted from new legislation in Thailand which requires... Read More

Thai cybercrime act passes unanimously

The controversial Thai Computer Crimes Act amendment passed unanimously, and will be entered into law within 80 days. The amended Act has been criticized by digital rights activists as curtailing... Read More

Proposed Thai law would hold ISPs responsible for cyber crime

Legal representatives from Thailand’s largest communications companies have openly criticized a Thai law that would hold service providers responsible for computer-related crimes. Thai computer misuse law bans any person from... Read More

Thai ATMs hacked, 12M baht stolen

The Government Savings Bank of Thailand shut down 3,000 ATMs today after 21 machines were hacked, resulting in a loss of over 12 million baht ($350,000 US). 200 additional ATMs have... Read More

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