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Tesla Model X bug leaves some owners unable to open or close falcon doors

As Tesla rolls out its all-electric Model X, so too has it gifted new owners with a plethora of bugs including malfunctioning seating and climate control glitches. However, one of the bigger concerns seems to be the faulty falcon-wing doors, which for some drivers will not open, or close. Reports from disgruntled owners have emerged… Read More

Tesla restricts autopilot but initiates ability to ‘summon’ car

In an interview with reporters at Detroit’s North American International Auto Show Elon Musk has confirmed new restrictions in the functionality of last autumn’s ‘autopilot’ functionality in model S sedans, following up on his criticism of the ‘crazy things’ drivers were getting up to with the feature. At the same time a new version of… Read More

Tesla rewards hackers with bug bounty

Electric automaker Tesla has officially launched a bug hunting scheme, through which the company will reward hackers between $25 and $1,000 for finding security flaws in its website. A Forbes report explained that the programme is not yet available for its vehicles. Security experts have praised the company CEO Elon Musk for encouraging opportunities to work… Read More

Tesla co-founder plans to electrify delivery trucks and bin lorries

Ian Wright co-founder of electric car manufacturer Tesla is proposing to convert noisy and gas-guzzling lorries and trucks to electric versions with his latest venture Wrightspeed. The new company will sell electric powertrains to commercial vehicle suppliers to be installed on medium to heavy-duty trucks. “We save a lot on fuel. We save a lot on maintenance,… Read More

Tesla announces batteries to power businesses and homes in blackouts

Electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors has unveiled a new range of batteries that store solar energy to power homes and businesses as a back-up during grid blackouts. In a move beyond its vehicle business, Tesla said that its new battery would be able to provide consumers with a source of off-grid power, particularly targeting those… Read More