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US data centre provider Switch taps Tesla battery storage for surplus solar power

US data centre firm Switch and private equity company Capital Dynamics have begun work on three solar and battery storage facilities in Nevada.

The three phases are part of the previously announced Gigawatt 1 project, which combined with an existing phase will provide 555 MW of solar power and 500 MWh of battery storage.

The self-driving technology that will decide the race for autonomous cars

Alex Lidow, CEO of Efficient Power Conversion (EPC), assesses where the driverless vehicle sector is headed and the technologies which will help it realise its potential… Autonomous vehicles have evolved much faster than any of us expected, fueled by the development of systems like LiDAR, but also deep learning tools that have digested the inputs… Read More

So 7% of German Tesla owners think they own a fully self-driving car?

Opinion Tesla has posted an uncharacteristically brief rebuttal to assertions made by Germany’s Federal Motor Authority, warning Tesla drivers that their car’s Autopilot feature does not excuse them from giving the road – and the wheel – their undivided attention, like all other drivers. The rebuttal reads: ‘In response to Germany’s Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA)’s suggestion that… Read More

Tesla acquires Grohmann Engineering to launch global industrial automation research centres

Tesla Motors has acquired German specialist plant machine manufacturer Grohmann Engineering GmbH, the foundation stone in the launch of a new Tesla Advanced Automation headquarters in Germany – and further industrial research centres around the world. The company announced the agreement to buy on its site, but did not disclose the figures involved in the… Read More

Tesla and Panasonic to produce solar cells, if SolarCity deal succeeds

Tesla and Panasonic have signed an agreement to manufacture photovoltaic (PV) cells for use in home energy storage solutions including Tesla’s Powerwall and Powerpack. For now, the deal is non-binding and depends on the pending Tesla acquisition of SolarCity. If the purchase closes, Panasonic will begin production of the solar cells at a site in Buffalo,… Read More