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Virgin Media fibre break causes city-wide outages

A fiber break in the Virgin Media network has caused outages across London, affecting customers at all levels, including several city borough councils. The company acknowledged the problem on Twitter, stating that it was “aware of a fibre break” causing a temporary loss of services for customers in London. The company was quick to assure affected customers… Read More

China Telecom expands HK data centre footprint

China Telecom has announced the expansion of its data center footprint in Hong Kong, as well as the addition of three new point-of-presence (PoP) sites in North America. The company has increased capacity at the Shatin data center, opened in April 2017, by building an additional floor on the existing facility. It will further expand… Read More

Samsung and SK Telecom complete 5G NR trial

Samsung has announced the successful completion of a 5G trial, based on 5G New Radio (NR) technology. NR technology is the global 5G standard intended to provide a standardized OFDM-based air interface to support next-generation 5G deployments, services, and spectrum. NR technology promises customers stable, fiber-like connections provided at low cost, with low latency. The… Read More

Telefónica launches data centre in Lima, Peru

Telefónica, the global broadband and telecom provider, has opened Phase I of a new cloud data center in central Lima, Peru. Rather than build a new facility, the company chose to repurpose a central office in an effort to reduce capital expenditures and reuse assets, while reducing construction timelines. The new cloud data center, located… Read More

Ofcom fines Three £1.9m for emergency call vulnerability

Ofcom, the British regulatory authority, has fined mobile provider Three 1.9 million GBP for ineffectively failure-proofing its emergency calls system. All telecommunications providers in the UK are required to provide uninterrupted access to emergency services for their customers, and to ensure that systems have effective failure-proofing mechanisms in case of a technical fault. In the course… Read More