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BlackBerry exits Pakistan amid user privacy concerns

BlackBerry has announced that it will pull its operations in Pakistan from today, quoting a recent government notice which read that the company would not be permitted to continue its services in the country after December. In July, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) had released a statement addressed to mobile phone carriers operating in the… Read More

Quantum breakthrough signals tighter telecoms security

Researchers have outlined a new quantum technology breakthrough which could improve the encryption of data and its secure exchange over long distance telecommunications networks. In a paper [PDF] published in the Nature Communications journal, scientists from the Universities of Glasgow, Stanford, Tokyo and Würzburg describe how quantum entanglement can allow separated particles to share properties. This… Read More

Telefónica and China Unicom to share data centre capacity

Global telecom giants Telefónica and China Unicom have signed an accord to share their international data centre capacity [PDF] and applications for cloud clients across Europe, The Americas and Asia. The initial stage of the agreement covers three major data centre facilities from each company, and provides a foundation for what the two operators hope will be… Read More

Data centre failure takes 1.5mn Three customers offline in Ireland

The Three mobile phone network was brought down  by an electrical failure at one of the company’s data centres on Easter Monday, affecting up to 1.5mn of its 2mn Irish customers. According to Three the network disruption occurred due to an electrical fault which triggered an increase in temperature at the facility, consequently impacting some of the systems… Read More

Philippines telco provider set to expand to 8 national data centres

IP Converge Data Services, subsidiary of Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT), is planning to expand its data centre portfolio up to eight facilities by 2016, according to a PLDT official. Executive vice president at PLDT, and ePLDT president and CEO Eric Alberto said that IP Converge had recently completed its sixth data centre, with a… Read More