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Line Taxi launches to drive Uber out of Japan

Japanese messaging giant Line has entered the Asian taxi app battle with its new add-on – Line Taxi, set to rival the so far undisputed Uber for regional top spot. Unlike other Asian countries, such as China and India which list a number of taxi app rivalries, Japan has lived under the peaceful reign of… Read More

France bans UberPop from January 2015 as French cabbies prepare to strike

The French government has reversed [translated] last week’s judicial deafness to the protests of French taxi drivers regarding the toll that Uber’s ‘UberPop’ service will take on their livelihoods, banning Uber’s ‘UberPop’ service in the country from 1st of January 2015. The reversal deflates today’s planned taxi-driver blockade, which intended to block 160 miles of… Read More

Uber flouts new Thailand restrictions in Bangkok

In the light of the arrest of an Uber driver in New Delhi for raping a passenger, the San Francisco-based ‘amateur-taxi’ service seems to be ignoring Thailand’s subsequent restrictions on the services that Uber may offer in the region – and if true, it would be consistent with Uber’s history of ignoring bans and regulations… Read More

$700 million investment in Didi Dache dashes Uber’s hopes in China

In the wake of Softbank’s recent $250mn (£159mn) investment in GrabTaxi, the bid for domination of the taxi-app market in China is becoming very committed – today it is reported that cab-hailing company Didi Dache has raised $700mn in round D funding for its Didi Taxi mobile system, greatly surpassing the $100mn committed to it earlier this… Read More