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DVLA loses out on £400mn in paperless tax disc move

The UK’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has lost out on around £400 million in tax in the first 12 months after introducing its paperless tax disc scheme. According to a Freedom of Information request by the Financial Times, between October 2014 and September 2015, the DVLA collected £5.71 billion in vehicle excise tax… Read More

Facebook to pay millions more in UK tax as it abandons controversial arrangement

Facebook is to pay millions of pounds more in UK tax after years of controversial arrangements which saw the social network divert its profits through Ireland. A change in structure followed criticism that the company had paid just £4,327 in British tax in 2014, while channelling most of its sales to Ireland, which has a… Read More

Amazon Germany pays 0.1% tax rate in 2014, funnels sales through low-tax haven

E-retail giant Amazon.com’s German branch paid just 11.9 million euros (approx. £8.5 million) in tax last year, equivalent to a 0.1% tax rate considering the company reported $11.9 billion in gross sales in Germany in 2014. German corporate income tax stood at 29.58% last year which would mean Amazon Germany would have been expected to pay… Read More

Australian tax avoidance clampdown is a double-edged sword, warns Google

Search giant Google has today warned Australia that its largest companies may face stricter retaliative rulings abroad should it follow the UK’s crackdown on organisations diverting revenue offshore. The warning was made at a parliamentary inquiry into multinational tax avoidance, which has placed the likes of Google, Microsoft and Apple, among other global tech firms, under… Read More

EU commission: Amazon’s Luxembourg tax deal may have been illegal, and mammoth taxes due

Online retailing giant Amazon may have broken the law with its ‘sweetheart tax deal’ with Luxembourg, a preliminary finding from the European Commission has asserted. The Seattle-based company officially came under investigation by the commission last October, following revelations in May that it had paid only £4.2mn tax on £4.3bn of turnover during 2013. The… Read More