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Chancellor Merkel proposes tax on big data

German Chancellor Angela Merkel proposed a big data tax that would treat data as a raw material used in production at this week’s Global Solutions policy forum in Berlin. The proposed reform is intended to reduce tax disparities between digital and traditional companies. “The pricing of data, particularly the data of consumers, is the central… Read More

Ohio offers $37m in tax incentives to $750m data centre

The city of New Albany, Ohio has offered $37 million (approx. £28 million) in tax incentives to a proposed $750 million data centre, according to Columbus Business Report. The amount includes waiving $36.25 million in sales and use tax on the IT equipment installed in the centre. The operator, which is aiming to build the city’s… Read More

Apple announces $1 billion expansion at Nevada data centre

Apple is planning to spend an extra $1 billion (approx. £780 million) on expanding its Nevada data centre, alongside several further land investment in the area, in a bid to take advantage of the regional tax breaks. The expansion of the data centre, based at the Reno Technology Park, will double the facility’s size and… Read More

Oracle charged $293M USD in Korean back taxes

Multinational tech giant Oracle has been charged $293 million USD ($300 billion won) for corporate tax evasion in South Korea. The $293 million charge is made up of back taxes, as well as a punitive charge from the government tax agency. The company was originally notified of the tax debt in January of last year,… Read More

Israel Tax Authority investigating Google and Facebook

The Israel Tax Authority is currently investigating local outlets of tech giants Google and Facebook, to determine if they have a tax liability in Israel. Investigators for the Tax Authority have reportedly conducted meetings with clients of Google, asking detailed questions about the methods used by Google and Facebook to conduct local operations. Questions put… Read More