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Microsoft to build Azure data centre region in Taiwan

Microsoft is opening an Azure region in Taiwan and centralising Asian cloud operations on the island nation amid rising geopolitical tensions between US and China.

The cloud region will offer availability zones with independent power, network, and cooling mechanisms for accident resilience. The nation, which though democratically-ruled is considered by China as part of its territory, will now serve as a regional development hub for Microsoft researchers to build new cloud and edge computing solutions for 5G, AI, and IoT.

What other smart city projects can learn from Taipei

As technology becomes the foundation of everything society does, governments around the world are in the throes of ambitious development projects seeking to extract as much value as possible from new technologies. In 2016, Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, established a smart city project management office (PMO) to help it realise its smart city vision. A year after it launched, the initiative has been the recipient of an array of awards.

Since its launch, the PMO has hosted over 600 meetings and facilitated the launch of 60 public-private sector initiatives, including programs to use unmanned aerial vehicles to collect water samples from city reservoirs, as well as using small sensors to provide residents with air quality, humidity and temperature data. The scale of its vision huge: it is currently running over 160 test projects covering any and every technology you can think of.