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Broadcom to acquire Symantec for $10.7bn

Broadcom seals Symantec deal to boost enterprise cloud security offering Broadcom has finalised a $10.7 billion cash agreement to buy the enterprise security arm of Symantec Corp. The chip manufacturer has been seeking to expand its software efforts. With the addition of Symantec, Broadcom will be able to provide integrated enterprise security solutions, the company… Read More

Security teams can’t keep up with pace of cloud adoption, research finds

93 percent of IT decision makers report difficulties keeping tabs on cloud workloads As cloud rapidly becomes the norm, cloud security should be rising up the organisation’s list of security concerns. But new research shows that firms are leaving their security teams behind in their eagerness to migrate workloads to the cloud. The research, released… Read More

Symantec adds security layer to Azure

Security firm Symantec is working with Microsoft to add an extra layer of security to Azure with the intention of increasing hybrid cloud adoption. Using the existing Symantec Web Security Service product, the two firms will work together on security applications for the public cloud platform. Microsoft is hoping to increase enterprise use of its… Read More

Android users being targeted by fake Uber app

People using Android are being targeted by malware that spoofs the Uber user interface to steal passwords, according to a report from Symantec. The security firm has analysed a recent version of the Android.Fakeapp malware variant, and found that hackers are tricking users into entering their passwords and phone numbers onto a fake version of… Read More

Symantec selects AWS as cloud provider

Amazon has announced that it has been chosen to provide Symantec with strategic infrastructure services for the majority of cloud workloads. Symantec will use AWS to deliver cloud security to global customers, as part of a continuing relationship between the two companies. Not only is Symantec using AWS for cloud-based infrastructure operations, it will also… Read More