Latest Switzerland publications

EPIQ announces new Swiss data centre

EPIQ, the global legal services corporation, has announced the opening of a new data center in Zurich, Switzerland. The new data center is a colocation facility, intended to provide secure... Read More

Safe Host launches Switzerland’s largest data centre

Safe Host, the Swiss colocation company, is launching phase one of what may become the largest data center in Switzerland. The new facility will be located in the canton of... Read More

Equinix to expand data centre business in Switzerland

Citing Swiss regard for privacy and data protection, global data centre company Equinix is to purchase a data centre business from ICT-Center, based in Zurich, Switzerland. According to an official... Read More

Microsoft avoids Swiss legal battle with Windows 10 changes

In response to criticism over privacy and transparency, Microsoft has unveiled extensive changes to privacy settings in Windows 10. These changes were satisfactory to Swiss privacy advocates, who have agreed... Read More

Switzerland joins UK in declaring Uber drivers employees, not contractors

Uber drivers in Switzerland are employees and the U.S. ride-hailing firm is responsible for paying social security contributions, says a new ruling by a Swiss insurance agency. The Swiss insurance... Read More

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