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Cisco defends Smart Install protocol, which permits unauthenticated logins

When is remote, unauthenticated login not a vulnerability? When it’s a feature! Cisco has stated that the Smart Install protocol, which allows for remote, unauthenticated login to individual switches is... Read More

Cisco revises data centre certifications

Cisco has announced a significant update to its data center certification program. The CCNA, CCNP and CCIE training and testing have been completely revised to reflect sophisticated data center skills... Read More

Facebook to mass-produce Backpack, its new second-gen modular data centre switch

Facebook has announced the release of its second generation modular switch platform (MSP), entitled Backpack. Not only is the technology to be integrated into the social network’s Open Compute Project,... Read More

Switch acquires Woerden data centre to expand eco-friendly offering

The Dutch Switch Datacenters has acquired a former ABN AMRO data centre in Woerden, Netherlands for an estimated €11mn. The entire facility which is based about 25 miles south of Amsterdam,... Read More

Growth in faster data centre switch market to counteract steep price drops

A recent forecast predicts that the steady sales growth in faster and more expensive Ethernet switches should counteract decline in the segment and allow total market prices to hold stable.... Read More

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