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Ericsson plans to cut 3000 jobs in Sweden

Swedish telecoms giant Ericsson has announced a huge restructuring across its home country operations, cutting over 3,000 jobs in a move to bolster its ‘long-term’ competitiveness. In a press release today, Ericsson said it is planning to lay off around 1,000 positions in production, 800 in research and development (R&D), and 1,200 in other units including… Read More

Mark Zuckerberg shows us inside Facebook’s Arctic data centre

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has posted a series of very interesting images taken in and around Facebook’s chilliest data centre, located in the arctic circle in an area of Sweden that has come to be known among data centre developers as ‘the Node Pole’. Zuckerberg’s post is a pictorial essay running from aerial… Read More

Cold-country data centres rated most attractive to business

The latest version of an influential survey which ranks data centre locations worldwide shows a massive shift of the core rankings since the previous one three years ago, with colder countries, including Iceland, Norway and Switzerland, stealing the top slots from the UK and the United States. Cushman and Wakefield’s Data Centre Risk Index reflects… Read More

Bitcoin hardware company to build data centre near Arctic Circle

Sweden’s ‘Node Pole’ is becoming a vogue destination for data centres, with Facebook a resident and Bitcoin hardware company KnC Miner announcing now that it will build a 20mw data centre in the chilly data colony at Boden. The new centre is to be called ‘Boden 2’, and brings the KnC Miner footprint up to 161000 square… Read More

Swedish regulator orders ISP to retain customer data despite death of EU directive

The Swedish Telecoms Regulator PTS has threatened Kista-based ISP Bahnhof to continue storing records of its customer communications, even though the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled the 2006 Data Retention Directive invalid [PDF] in April of this year. Bahnhof was among the many ISPs which expressed its intention to immediately cease to… Read More