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Sweden and the sustainable data centre

As of 2019, top technology firms including Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and Google had active sites in Nordic countries, particularly Sweden. Read More

‘World’s first’ carbon positive data centre set for autumn launch

Swedish data centre provider EcoDataCenter has announced the launch of what it claims to be the world’s first ‘carbon positive’ data centre. Being carbon positive means not only that it... Read More

Sweden leaks top-secret records in data centre outsourcing ‘disaster’

Sweden is facing a considerable clean-up following a sensitive national data breach which took place in 2014 – the details of which have recently come to light. The data leak,... Read More

Google to power European data centres with Norwegian wind

Google will receive power from Norway’s largest wind farm this September, when the wind farm becomes fully operational. That power will be used to supply renewable energy to Google’s European... Read More

AWS to establish Swedish data centre region

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is planning to extend its data centre portfolio into Sweden next year, opening its fourth European region. The cloud services giant announced that the new AWS... Read More

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