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European operators and cloud providers sign Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact

Heavyweights from across the European data centre ecosystem today formalised a far-reaching sustainability agenda in a landmark moment for the much-scrutinised sector.

The Sustainability Imperative for Data Centres

The ideal of true data centre sustainability is not as complex as it sounds, writes Marc Garner, VP Secure Power, Schneider Electric UK&I, It’s commonly accepted that we’re at crossroads where the decisions we make today will not only shape future generations, but our entire planet. This has become particularly apparent in the global response… Read More

Techbuyer’s Interact tool targets carbon reduction in ICT

Techbuyer has launched a spin-off software business focused on energy optimisation in the data centre. The data centre hardware supply group and ‘circular economy’ advocate says its new Interact tool provides operators ‘previously unseen’ energy optimisation recommendations to support the data centre industry’s carbon reduction agenda.

2021: The Year of the Sustainable Data Centre

Becoming a greener organisation: improving resource efficiency, and working to build a sustainable model for the future, is a critical factor in data centre strategy. Data centres are enormous consumers of resources, and demand for the computing power that data centres provide is growing at an astonishing rate.

The Data Centre in 2020 — Expert Roundup

Experts from across the data centre spectrum review a year unlike any other – and preview what they think lies ahead in 2021.d