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Google’s Singapore investment passes £3.9bn

Google’s total investment in Singapore has passed £3.9 billion ($5 billion) with its most recent data centre expansion, according to a LinkedIn post. Giorgio Fortunato, Head of Clean Energy &... Read More

University of York chooses renewable data centre for ‘Viking’ computer cluster

When relocating a high-performance computer cluster, representatives of the University of York selected a sustainable data centre in Sweden. The Ecodatacenter in Falun, Sweden, is the home of University of... Read More

ESG and Data Centre Industry: Challenges and Trends

Environmental, sustainability, and governance (ESG) frameworks are growing in importance for the data centre industry, determining long-term strategies and even business success. ESG is a complex and technical topic that... Read More

Data centre protests are on the rise, but are they effective?

Data centre projects are facing increasing opposition from local residents and community groups worldwide, leading to a rise in data centre protests. Protests against these projects often stem from concerns... Read More

Climate tech boom in UK: A beacon of hope in the against climate change

In an era when climate change increasingly dominates global conversations, the UK is emerging as a powerhouse in the climate tech sector. Tech Nation’s Climate Tech Report 2022 revealed that... Read More

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