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What can squirrels teach us about cybersecurity?

Teams tasked with leading the cybersecurity strategy in their organisation could learn a simple lesson from the grey squirrel and the red kite. The grey squirrel represents an error in strategy – creating the opportunity for an ill-informed decision that one cannot reverse once it’s made. Merely manage and mitigate.  The Red Kite demonstrates that a well-informed strategic decision which provisions, enables and optimises the right individuals to thrive and flourish can succeed to staggering effect and impact.

How to bolster cybersecurity defences with security maturity modelling

Businesses that evaluate their security program under a security maturity model will be far better placed to react to the unexpected.

Data democratisation: a business necessity for a data-driven world

Businesses are increasingly under pressure to become data-driven, therefore should be expanding their efforts to democratise access to data across the whole organisation. Those that are serious about maximising the value of their data will push to enable employees at every level to understand and utilise the data at their disposal, so that they can harness critical business insights to inform effective decision making.

When will cloud computing become a true utility?

Organisations must think carefully about how they purchase cloud services and how they set up their infrastructure accordingly to prevent vendor lock-in and high costs.

The myth of cloud mobility and a recipe for real agility

Come to the cloud, they said. Come one and come all and enjoy the multifarious models, functions and extensions that cloud computing offers with an infinite promise of agility, mobility and flexibility. Well yes, that’s the opening sales gambit. But as many of us know, the reality is somewhat less agile, rather lower down the mobility scale and inherently less flexible.