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Stand aside for the smartphone generation

Something seems to have changed on the streets of Britain – or at least London – in recent years, and as far as I can tell, it has evolved out... Read More

‘GuardBot’: Martian explorer robot might get drafted into US Navy as bomb-droid

The US Navy is trialling the military potential of a spherical robot originally conceived for exploration on Mars. The ‘GuardBot’, by American Unmanned Systems, was first conceived in 2004 as... Read More

Swiss robot clock writes time on a whiteboard

Perhaps not the most stylish or practical clock to ever grace a wall, but nevertheless it’s Swiss and it’s cool – the Whiteboard Clock is a little time-keeping device designed... Read More

World’s first drone circus lands in Amsterdam

Drone deliveries, drone satellites and even drone waiters – we’ve heard it all … or have we: Enter Dutch performing drone troop, AIR. Not a flying trapeze artist in sight, these... Read More

Would it be barking mad to email a tree?

The City of Melbourne has made a bigger-than-average bid for the attention of tree huggers everywhere, by giving them the chance to email any tree in the city – and... Read More

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