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News: Public cloud offers poor customer service

Using the public cloud means you have to expect poor customer service if something goes wrong according to Richard Thomas, chief executive officer of cloud monitoring specialist, NetEvidence. “Stick it... Read More

The chase is on for high speed cabling solutions

Erwin Deeben, technical consultant at Brand-Rex, looks at how infrastructure technology should be deployed in order cope with the ever-growing demand for data The amount data centre traffic predicted over... Read More

Data centre switch technology to turn on in 2014

27/2/14 – The coming year will be one of major transition for three key data centre switch technologies, according to new research. Research firm Crehan, makes three projections. It says,... Read More

Fear of data leakage drives businesses to private rather than public cloud

Almost two in every three enterprises would prefer private cloud storage solutions over public cloud. That’s according to a new research study of 200 IT professionals conducted in early 2014... Read More

Operator offers customers cloud marketplace

Storage and information management firm, Iron Mountain has created a Data Center Marketplace for customers to shop around for products and services from pre-approved cloud service providers already on Mountain Platform... Read More

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