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OneWeb’s first commercial satellite internet service comes to the Arctic

OneWeb, a startup that aims to deliver broadband globally via a fleet of micro-satellites, has launched the first commercial service of its space-based internet service.

The London-based startup, which closed a $1.25 billion funding round in March, will begin delivering ‘fiber-like’ connectivity to 48 percent of the Arctic in 2020 and plans to supply full coverage to every part of the Arctic Circle by early 2021.

The future of the data centre is written in the stars
If you’re interested in where the data centre may be headed you should do one thing—look up, writes Chris Adams, president and CEO of Park Place Stargazing may soon become challenging. That’s the warning from some astronomers, who claim that solar panel reflections from hundreds of SpaceX Starlink satellites, intended to supply global internet, could... Read More

Can space technology speed up bowel cancer diagnosis?

By analysing colonoscopy images, the Earth Scan system identifies and characterises polyps which might be missed by human eyes Technology used to operate space telescopes is being repurposed to revolutionise bowel cancer diagnosis under a multimillion-pound initiative involving the UK Space Agency. A team of researchers at University College London hopes to drastically reduce the… Read More