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PS4 network an unlikely terrorist tool, security experts say

A group of security researchers have looked into recent controversial claims that the communications facilitated by games consoles such as the Sony PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One are being used by terrorists because of their strong encryption capabilities, concluding that the notion is nonsense. Additionally the researchers investigated the practicality of terrorists spraying evanescent messages… Read More

Phantom Squad hackers claim 3 hour Xbox service outage, promise the same for PlayStation network

Having threatened to take down Microsoft’s Xbox services at Christmas, a hacker group called Phantom Squad are claiming responsibility for three hours of downtime on the Xbox Live service yesterday evening. Reports of Xbox Live login problems were anecdotal, but epidemic, and Phantom Squad managed to take credit for the reinstatement of the Xbox service… Read More

Hacker claims PlayStation 4 jailbreak via FreeBSD kernel exploit

A hacker has claimed to have broken Sony’s protection over content on the PlayStation 4 console. GitHub user Cturt describes himself as a ‘C programmer interested in exploits and reverse engineering’ who also ‘dabbles in game design and web development’, and posted news of his claim to a breakthrough on his Twitter account at the… Read More

Italian authorities to invest 150 million euros on monitoring PlayStation chat, despite discredited link to Paris attacks

Italian Minister of Justice Andrea Orlando has revealed that the Italian government intends to spend 150 million euros (£105mn | $157mn) on new equipment and techniques to monitor encrypted communications, including the PlayStation 4 game chat protocols which recently fell under suspicion as a means of communication by which ISIS may have coordinated the recent… Read More

BT addresses Sony-style ‘network’ anomalies with new security product

British Telecom has launched a new threat-protection service aimed at organisations with complex ICT systems, which claims to be able to recognise anomalous network behaviour that may indicate a network incursion, similar to the longstanding invasion of Sony’s network which preceded the infamous ‘Sony Hack’ last autumn. BT Assure Cyber provides an external wrapper around… Read More