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Sony to take £780mn goodwill charge on film business

Sony has warned that it will mark a 112.1bn yen (approx. £782mn) write-down on the value of its film business, blaming poor returns at the box office and a faster-than-expected decline in DVD and home entertainment sales. Despite the goodwill charge, the Japanese firm confirmed that it had no plans to sell its movie and… Read More

Sony hints at final development stages of AI house robot

Sony has announced that it is in the latter stages of developing new robotics technology, but that customers should expect to wait a little longer before an official release. While Sony has been working on the project since April, and disclosed the news publicly in June, the company has since been relatively silent on the… Read More

Sony to release mobile games from new ForwardWorks studio

After pulling its PlayStation Mobile service last year, Sony is launching a new game development studio called ForwardWorks which will bring existing PlayStation content to iOS and Android devices. Based in Tokyo, the new ForwardWorks ‘will leverage the intellectual property of the numerous PlayStation dedicated software titles and its gaming characters,’ according to an English… Read More

Sony Future Lab asks for consumer feedback on concept prototypes

Sony wants consumers to play a larger role in the research and development of future products, launching a new programme dubbed Future Lab, which aims to take feedback from users and involve them in the design process. The Japanese tech giant unveiled a hands-free wearable device as its first Future Lab prototype, and announced that… Read More

Sony to buy Israeli chip maker, targets IoT

Sony announced today that it has bought Israeli chip maker for $212 million (approx. £150 million) – a move which the Japanese multinational hopes will ‘play a pivotal role’ in the future development of the Internet of Things. Altair Semiconductor, based in the city of Hod HaSharon in Israel, currently employs around 220 people and… Read More