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Amazon seeks developers as new cloud project launches

Amazon is looking for software development engineers to join a new team in San Diego to work on Supply Chain Optimization Technology. The new staff will work with automated predictive systems which estimate the distribution of products to Amazon’s warehouses. The jobs have been posted on the official website this month. The company is seeking… Read More

Why SDx has graduated from hype to large-scale deployment

Dave Chopra, Vice President of Global Infrastructure Services at Wipro, discusses why it is now or never for CIOs deploying a software-defined (SDx) strategy… We are currently at a huge economic and technological crossroads. Every major industry is undergoing rapid transformation, and the rate of change is speeding up all the time. This is overturning… Read More

Cloud and its impact on the ISV middle-ground

David Grimes, CTO at Navisite, explains the challenges and opportunities that cloud has presented for the incumbent ISV community… Over the past seven years, cloud technologies have exploded onto the scene, transforming not just IT, but businesses globally. You can be the best in your vertical but unless you have a forward-thinking IT strategy, the… Read More

Dell to sell software branch to private equity consortium

Dell is set to sell its software business as it looks to place a heavier focus on the recent acquisition of storage vendor EMC Corp. According to today’s press release, a consortium led by private equity group Francisco Partners and hedge fund Elliott Management has confirmed that it would be taking over Dell Software for an… Read More

Beaten British banks need to modernise and improve software quality management

Lev Lesokhin, EVP Strategy and Analytics, CAST, highlights the weaknesses in UK banking IT, and explains why we are falling behind U.S. and European counterparts… Following outages at some of the UK’s leading banks including Barclays and, most recently HSBC, which left customers unable to access funds for up to two days, means system failures are… Read More