Latest software-defined data centre (SDDC) publications

The crucial role of storage in the evolution of the Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC)

On the eve of his appearance at Cloud Expo Europe, Michael Letschin, Director of Product Management Solutions at Nexenta, discusses why storage is the crucial factor in new SDDC deployments and developments… The amount of data generated and stored today is exploding. As much as 90% of the world’s data has been generated in the… Read More

VMware discusses the future of the Software-Defined Data Centre

Joe Baguley is the Chief Technology Officer at VMware (EMEA), and joins us to discuss the Software Defined Data Centre. VMware will be delivering a keynote speech at Cloud Expo Europe and Data Centre World at the ExCel centre in London on 11th – 12th March. VMware has been promoting the Software-Defined Data Centre for a number of years…. Read More

IO to split data centre business, introducing newly-formed BaseLayer

IO, the Phoenix-based data centre company, has today announced plans to split into two independent divisions, separating its colocation and cloud services from its modular data centre and infrastructure management software business. IO will continue to focus on its cloud products, while the newly-formed BaseLayer will look after the data centre hardware and software. The… Read More

DCIM, SDDC and the law of unforeseen consequences

Soeren Jensen, Vice President of Enterprise Management and Software at Schneider Electric, considers solutions to the power struggle now taking place for control of the data centre – and even the definition of the processes by which it is run. As Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) continues to evolve and develop to become an essential… Read More

IO CEO on why the future of the data centre must be software-defined

The Stack speaks with George Slessman, CEO & Product Architect, IO, about the necessity of introducing software-defined approaches to the data centre. What does IO identify as failing in today’s data centre model and why do you feel a software-driven approach needs to be adopted as an appropriate solution in reaction to the cloud? The… Read More