Latest software-defined data centre (SDDC) publications

SDDC: The new business ‘must-have’

Mehdi Bekkai, Private Cloud Product Manager at OVH, discusses what the software-defined data centre (SDDC) means for the future of your business… To increase competitiveness and the ability to innovate, businesses of all sizes need to reduce their IT costs while also working to improve agility, performance, and flexibility. To add to this challenge, the… Read More

OpenStack demo addresses fears of forks and vendor lock-in

Sixteen major companies have participated in a demonstration LAMP enterprise application of an OpenStack interoperability network at OpenStack Summit. The performance was arranged in response to chariness about how resilient the open source project could be against proprietary, closed systems, and the possibility of the project being strip-mined for commercial forks. The participating companies included… Read More

VMware sells vCloud government services to QTS Realty Trust

QTS Realty Trust has acquired exclusive rights to VMware’s Federal Risk and Authorisation Management Program (FedRAMP), vCloud Government Service. QTS, who originated the program in partnership with VMware, will rebrand the platform as QTS Government Cloud (QGC). Lynn Martin VP of Public Sector Sales for VMware commented: “Federal government customers rely on vCloud Government Service… Read More

Why Dynamic Hyperconvergence is the gateway to the Software-Defined Data Center

Ron Nash, Chairman and CEO of Pivot3, explains why dynamic hyperconvergence is the next step in the evolution of IT architecture… A fundamental change is taking place in the nature and application of data center technology to today’s digital business – a change with far-reaching implications for companies of every shape and size. Across the entire… Read More

‘Holy Grail of hot availability’, Atlantis debuts stretched cluster solution

Mountain View-based Atlantis, software-defined-storage (SDS) specialists, today announced that it will combine a new stretched cluster feature with its all-Flash, hyper-converged USX platform – promising to slash business continuity costs in half. We spoke to Atlantis CMO Bob Davis at VMworld Europe 2015 and asked him about the new business continuity offering, integrating it with… Read More