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IBM opens first Japanese SoftLayer data centre in Tokyo

IBM has opened the doors of its first SoftLayer cloud data centre in Tokyo, answering growing Japanese demand for local data storage. According to IBM, its cloud business grew 600% over 2014 and the company now counts over 1000 Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) customers in Japan. The new facility is able to accommodate thousands… Read More

IBM to offer incentives to companies embracing cloud for high-performance computing

IBM has announced its aim to disrupt the supercomputing market by introducing enticements for companies who are looking to move their high-performance workloads to the cloud. The current incentive on offer comes in the form of a super-fast network communications link named InfiniBand. InfiniBand is a high-performance technology which delivers transfer speeds of up to 56Gbps… Read More

One year on: has Softlayer made IBM a serious cloud player?

In the year since it spent $2bn on cloud specialist, Softlayer, IBM has promised to spend an awful lot more money in the area. This anniversary has given the media a chance to review the wisdom of the decision in an industry whose history is littered with failed acquisitions and mergers – and the feeling… Read More

Is there a chance of cloud sanity breaking out?

Most major vendors have agreed it is good to avoid locking in their customers and now the discussion has moved on to realising the promise of the cloud. So, now, Clive Longbottom looks forward to a time when the composite app becomes the norm At one stage, it looked like the cloud computing community was… Read More

IBM to open London data centre this month in SoftLayer cloud services expansion

IBM’s cloud operation, Softlayer is to invest in a new London-based data centre. The Chessington-based data centre, launching later this month, is part of the firm’s $1.2bn expansion programme which will also see new data centre builds in both Paris and Frankfurt by the end of 2014. The site will house around 15,000 physical servers… Read More