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Test using smartphone camera to diagnose UTIs developed by scientists 

The process can identify the presence of E. coli bacteria in a urine sample. Scientists have developed a test that uses a smartphone camera to diagnose urinary tract infections in 25 minutes. The technology, by biological engineers at the University of Bath, identifies the presence of harmful E.coli bacteria. E.coli is present in around 80% of bacterial UTIs, with antibiotic treatments used on patients when it is detected.

TechWeek 2019: How to ensure your smartphone and its data are not weaponised

Over the past few years, cyber security specialist Frank Satterwhite has been working with a talented group of cyber engineers to create and package a security platform that allows users to protect their data in cyberspace. One of the group’s key focuses is on increasing mobile cyber hygiene as smartphones become the default device for most digital tasks at home and, increasingly, in the workplace.

Smartphones have become the central tool of our daily digital lives, whether for facilitating quick communication with friends and family, browsing social media or keeping up to date with the latest news.  But from a cyber security perspective, mobile devices present easy targets for hackers seeking to compromise personal data. 

Mind medicine: Disposing of digital distractions
Are we too addicted to this century's technological marvels? Consciously Digital founder, Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina has examined the issue more than most. She speaks to John Bensalhia Technology is a wonderful thing. It can provide easy convenience, boost business, and help vital sectors such as healthcare and schools. But sometimes there is too much of a... Read More

Italy begins beta-testing government smartphone app

The Italian government has begun beta-testing IO, a smartphone app that consolidates a number of public services into a single user interface. IO gives users access to public services and administration, providing an easier way to make electronic payments and keep a record of receipts, request and file documents with government agencies, and set up… Read More

Huawei requests access to smartphone market limited by the US Government

Huawei has put forward a request to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for a hearing to oppose the brand’s ban in the American telecom market. Currently one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world as well as being the world’s largest telecoms equipment producer, Huawei has recently debuted its newest 5G mobile phone…. Read More