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Foxconn said to have partnered with Cowin in ‘affordable’ smart car project

Foxconn and Chinese car maker Cowin have settled a partnership which would see the two companies co-create a smart car to rival domestic and Western counterparts, according to Chinese reports [Chinese]. The partnership has not yet been officially announced by either parties, but China’s Herald suggests that a statement should be issued to confirm the agreement… Read More

Blackberry establishes new security measures for IoT devices

Blackberry subsidiary Certicom has announced the launch of a new managed public key infrastructure (M-PKI) solution to help secure millions of connected devices, such as smart cars and wearables, as part of its Internet of Things (IoT) strategy. According to the public key infrastructure specialists, the new package will allow businesses to better verify and secure… Read More

BT extends cybersecurity offering to connected cars

BT has today launched ‘Assure Ethical Hacking for Vehicles’, a new ethical hacking service to help improve the security of connected cars, reducing their exposure to cyberattacks and supporting the automotive industry in developing solutions to tackle the threat. Whether for personal or commercial use, vehicles are becoming increasingly ‘smarter’ and offer a range of… Read More

What’s next for data centre infrastructure management software: the evolutionary opportunities

Although still a relatively new software category, DCIM is already adapting to meet changing needs and technology. Soeren Jensen believes there will be even stronger reasons for enterprises to use it in future As more and more enterprises start to embrace DCIM, I’m already thinking about how the software will evolve (a process which is… Read More

Samsung, Dell and Intel to form Internet of Things Consortium

Samsung Electronics, Dell and Intel have teamed up to set the digital standard for everyday items, such as light bulbs, refrigerators and thermostats, to promote the development of a controlled Internet of Things. The launch of the group, named the Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC), comes just months after the non-profit Linux Foundation announced their AllSeen Alliance, led… Read More