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Intel ships first Silicon Photonics products for data centres

After more than 15 years in research and development, Intel has finally announced the launch of its bandwidth-slimming Silicon Photonics technology. The final offering, presented at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, has entered volume production and is now shipping in the form of two 100G optical transceivers. Head of Intel’s data centre group… Read More

IBM looks beyond silicon for new era of cloud and big data

IBM is to invest $3bn over the next five years developing microchip technology for the new age of cloud computing and big data. The giant said it was driving two broad programmes of research and development.   Its first is aimed at what it calls ‘7 nanometer (nm) and beyond’ to address the silicon chip’s… Read More

Tweet: Intel and Huawei in strategic partnership to co-develop and market big data storage products

Although there is no official comment from Intel this article from eWeek’s Chris Preimesberger reports that Chinese IT giant Huawei will develop new storage technology with the US-based silicon expert specifically for big data applications. The deal would also give each company access to the others’ market. Excerpt “Under terms of this agreement, both companies will augment… Read More

“Monstrously powerful” Power8 processor is IBM’s big data play

All the numbers on the scale and technology behind this chip are in this ExtremeTech article.   IBM says the new Power Systems will be at the heart of servers that will allow data centres to manage “staggering data requirements with unprecedented speed, all built on an open server platform”. It is the output of a… Read More