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Universal to license music to SoundCloud in streaming deal

Universal Music Group has agreed to license some of its music to online audio distribution platform SoundCloud – a major step for the popular startup, which has struggled to receive legitimate recognition in the industry. The digital audio service attracts one of the greatest number of online listeners, but has suffered with an early reputation for not… Read More

Dropbox obtains peer-to-peer file sharing patent

Cloud-based file hosting giant Dropbox has patented a new synchronisation technology which could allow users to use a peer-to-peer network to securely share and collaborate on documents without the need to store them in the company’s centralised servers. According to the company, the development of peer-to-peer distributed sharing could boost content download speeds, eliminating bottlenecks,… Read More

Landlords want a share of renters’ Airbnb revenue

A group of leading U.S. property owners, including AvalonBay Communities and Camden Property Trust, have met with lodging rental site Airbnb to discuss ways that they can get a cut of their renters’ income. “A lot of our hosts are renters,” said Airbnb spokesman Christopher Nulty. “Any solution we would be able to identify would… Read More

Smartphones to power earthquake early warning network

Researchers at Caltech and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) are developing an early warning system to help detect signs of earthquakes using collective data generated from thousands of local smartphones. The team hopes that by creating a network of smartphones, a cheap yet reliable system can be created to help save lives and protect infrastructure in… Read More

Uber overwrought at obstacles to operating in India

With an almost pathological determination to remain in controversial headlines, crowd-sourcing taxi-service giant Uber’s latest rift is with India, whose insistence on two-factor authentication for payment from casual passengers to casual drivers, has irked the company. Though the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is technically the aggressor in this negotiation to let the company operate in India… Read More