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SG Bike to use NB-IoT to curb parking problem

SG Bike, a Singapore-based bike-sharing company, is to partner with telco M1 to explore the use of Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) in the bike-sharing business. The two companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, stating that they will collaborate on NB-IoT applications to help resolve problems with indiscriminate parking of shared vehicles. While bike-sharing has support from… Read More

Airbnb: new listings will identify ‘business-level’ hosts

Airbnb listings will soon be able to include additional information to alert potential guests that they are actually staying in someone’s home, rather than entering a business arrangement with the growing and increasingly controversial mega-landlords who use the service as real-estate brokers Though most of the new information categories – as announced at the home-sharing… Read More

Airbnb denies it is pushing up rental and house prices

Airbnb has denied that uptake of its accommodation services in London have pushed up house and rental prices in the capital. Speaking to the Press Association, Airbnb’s managing director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa told journalists that “there is a housing shortage in London, [but] is it because of Airbnb? No. There are… Read More

What Airbnb’s blockchain authentication proposal means for privacy online

Nathan Blecharczyk, one of the co-founders at home rental platform Airbnb, has detailed the company’s interest in blockchain technologies to help establish user reputation and trust. In an interview with City AM the company’s co-founder and chief technology officer revealed that in 2016 Airbnb would be looking into blockchain integration, or a similar distributed ledger… Read More

Airbus joins Uber for on-demand chopper rides

Airbus is teaming up with Uber to provide on-demand helicopter rides, due to debut at the Sundance Film Festival which opens in Utah this month. According to Airbus chief executive Tom Enders, the flight service will employ H125 and H130 aircraft to transport passengers, while Uber vehicles will ferry them to and from the helipad… Read More