Latest self-driving cars publications

Indian scientists create driverless car in record-breaking 28 days

A group of 15 Gujarati scientists have developed a driverless car prototype called ‘Dextra Smart’ in 28 days, controlled entirely from an Android app. Inspired by Google’s Self-Driving Car project which recently drove across the U.S., the Indian driverless car is able to start, change gears, apply its brakes and steer following commands sent via a… Read More

German auto firms face roadblock in testing driverless car software

As nations compete to build the first operational autonomous car, German auto-manufacturers fear that current domestic laws limit their efforts to test the appropriate software for self-driving vehicles on public roads. German carmakers are concerned that these roadblocks are allowing U.S. competitors, such as Google, to race ahead in their development of software designed to react… Read More

Sitting in a driverless car? UK says you need to ‘pretend’ you’re driving

The UK government has launched a £20mn competitive fund for collaborative R&D into driverless vehicles – and a new code of practice [PDF] for operators and suppliers. Among the rules that the document lays out for new initiatives into driverless research programs is the admonition that users should appear to be driving the car even… Read More

Google’s founders discuss machine learning, driverless cars and how they work together

A surprisingly funny and human interview with these two top tech geeks.  The most interesting parts are probably the bits on machine learning and driverless cars but the the interplay between the two is fascinating. The interviewer, Vinod Khosla, a venture capitalist, starts off asking about the story of how in 1997 Google almost got… Read More