Latest self-driving cars publications

U.S. government to invest over $160mn in IoT Smart Cities initiative

The White House has announced its commitment to emerging tech investment with a new ‘Smart Cities’ internet of things (IoT) initiative, into which it will channel over $160mn (approx. £104mn).... Read More

How does a self-driving car even know if it is on a road?

A new research paper submitted yesterday brings back into focus one of the fundamental obstacles to the evolution of the self-driving car – how does an autonomous vehicle even know... Read More

Brain-powered car developed at Chinese University

Researchers at Nankai University in Tianjin, China are working alongside Chinese automaker Great Wall Motor to design a car which can be controlled by the mind alone. The vehicle, tested today,... Read More

Baidu’s ‘autonomous car’ will enter driverless race this year

Chinese web services giant Baidu has confirmed that it will launch its own self-driving car in the second half of 2015, after announcing its entry into the driverless race in... Read More

Google’s self-driving cars roll onto public roads this summer

Google’s latest self-driving car prototype is expected to make its debut on public roads in California this summer. The two-seater driverless vehicle is the first of its type to be... Read More

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