Latest self-driving cars publications

Google sees UK as prime market for self-driving cars due to ‘non-regulatory approach’

Documents obtained under the UK’s Freedom of Information Act reveal that Google’s program for self-driving cars has taken an unusual interest in Britain in the past two years due to... Read More

Baidu speeds up driverless race with first full test on Beijing roads

Chinese web giant Baidu has successfully completed a driverless car test route on a variety of road types near the company’s Beijing headquarters. The self-driving BMW 3 Series [paywalled] travelled almost... Read More

Samsung launches business unit to focus on driverless cars

South Korean electronics giant Samsung has announced a new focus on developing driverless cars and infotainment systems in its attempt to compete with domestic rival LG in the automobile arena.... Read More

Bosch proposes pedestrian protection technology for automated driving systems

German electronics supplier Bosch is planning to start developing a road safety system, which will help drivers to make appropriate actions to avoid collisions with pedestrians. The project, which is... Read More

Should self-driving cars have to pass a driving test?

The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute has released a white paper calling for investigation into whether autonomous vehicles should have to pass a standardised driving test in the same... Read More

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