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Emergency UK data law – Interview with cloud lawyer, Frank Jennings

The announcement of the UK government’s push to pass a new data retention law sparked great controversy with privacy campaigners and made quite an impact on social media. With all three major political parties supporting this law we wanted to look into the legal ramifications a little further. Earlier today we spoke with Frank Jennings, a… Read More

UK government to push through emergency data storage law by end of next week

The coalition government is to pass through a rushed surveillance law next week which will force UK ISPs to retain all records of customer calls, texts and internet activity. The reform comes amongst a new wave of security measures announced by Downing Street, including tighter airport control, and concerns over ‘radicalised’ behaviour stemming from the… Read More

The GCHQ lawsuit and its ramifications for the future of the internet and users’ rights

Accusations that the UK government’s surveillance operation, GCHQ, used malicious software to hijack users’ computers and smartphones, have led to renewed calls for better protection of online users’ rights. Following on from the recent controversy around mass government surveillance sparked by Edward Snowden’s revelations earlier this year, these new allegations by seven international ISPs have… Read More

ISPs to take GCHQ to court over suspected attacks on international infrastructure

Seven multi-national internet providers are to take legal action against the UK government’s monitoring post, GCHQ, following reports that the organisation has attacked and exploited network infrastructure for ‘mass surveillance.’ This is the first time that GCHQ has faced any such action and stems from complaints about articles published earlier in 2014 in Der Spiegel. The… Read More

Data centre association says cloud providers must prepare for privacy and security threats

New advice on how data centres can implement best practices to meet the increasingly stringent privacy and security requirements of cloud computing users has been published by a leading association. The Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA), a US-based but global association of IT companies promoting interoperability, has published what it calls the first enterprise IT… Read More