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PayPal says ‘misinformation’ fine policy was published in error

A recent policy update by PayPal that would fine users $2,500 for misinformation has been withdrawn after the payments giant said it was published in error. Soon after the new policy wording was reported, PayPal faced an intense backlash on social media with many high-profile leaders in technology openly criticising the update.

Uber believes Lapsus$-affiliated hacker caused breach

Ridesharing firm Uber has accused the hacking group Lapsus$ of being responsible for a breach that impacted a number of internal systems.

Zoom releases patch for Mac root access flaw

Video conferencing software Zoom recently announced a patch for a vulnerability that a security researcher called Patrick Wardle discovered. Found in versions 5.7.3 to 5.11.3 on Zoom for macOS, the flaw would give hackers the ability to use the Zoom package installer to take over a Mac-based computer. While the Zoom client usually has well-defined… Read More

Ransomware gang successfully hacks UK water supplier

More than five terabytes of data from South Staffs Water has reportedly been accessed by ransomware group Cl0p. A wide range of stolen files, including scans of passports and driver licenses, were published by the hackers on their blog. Unlike many other ransomware attacks where cyber criminals lock access to company systems and will only… Read More

Australian government seeks new data centre providers

The Australian Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) has announced a request that most data centre companies should be considered for the new whole-of-government data panel if they wish.