Latest SDN publications

SDN creates “software defined operator” – an entirely new business model for telco service providers

Robin Mersh of the Broadband Forum reports back from the group’s recent meeting in Malta where the talk was of how SDN and NFV and their promise – but just... Read More

What’s wrong with software-defined data centre (SDDC) definitions?

The main problem is that the SDDC reinforces the divide between IT and Facilities and is symptomatic of an industry issue says Soeren Juul Schroeder. Unless the industry rethinks its... Read More

Cloud foundry: Keeping traffic isolated

At the heart of software as a service is a multi-tenanted environment but can we be sure those virtual LANs are isolated. One way, according to Chris Swan, the CTO... Read More

IT as a service can ‘transform how businesses deliver real value’

Evolving from “keeping the lights on” to delivering IT as a service (ITaaS) can provide significant business rewards such as greater agility, flexibility and user productivity. That’s according to Derrick... Read More

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