Latest SDN publications

Why reconsidering our approach to networking is crucial to cloud success

Scott Sneddon, Senior Director of SDN and Virtualisation at Juniper Networks, examines the networking challenges and opportunities presented by emerging cloud technologies… The emergence of cloud technologies, virtualization, containers and the Internet of Things (IoT), have brought with them unique architectural challenges. Enterprises are running application workloads across many kinds of private and public clouds, while… Read More

Huawei FusionServer adds Simplivity OmniStack support

Huawei is partnering with hyperconvergence provider Simplivity to bring support for the latter’s OmniStack technology to its own FusionServer RH2288H V3 offering. The partnership brings flash-based speed and reliability across a unique resource pool spanning multiple sites. OmniStack offers storage and compute optimisation along with data mobility and management, integral data protection and autonomous disaster… Read More

What NFV and SDN can do for intercloud applications

In the new research paper entitled ZeroTouch Provisioning (ZTP) Model and Infrastructure Components for Multi-provider Cloud Services Provisioning, researchers from Amsterdam, Macedonia and the Netherlands address the problem of provisioning inter-cloud network connectivity by adding SDN-based network provisioning to the model. Zero Touch Provisioning, Operation and Management (ZTP or ZTPOM) has been used for fast… Read More

Verizon looks at the emergence of software-defined networking

Lee Field, Associate Director for Solution Architecture, Asia, at Verizon, discusses why companies should embrace software-defined networking (SDN) as an opportunity for reducing costs and improving performance… SDN is not a new technology as such, but uses for it are. Businesses are finding novel and exciting ways to leverage SDN to improve performance, reinvent business processes… Read More

Nokia plans to acquire security software provider Nakina Systems

Nokia has this week announced its planned acquisition of Canadian security firm Nakina Systems – financial details of which are yet to be disclosed. The two companies had previously worked together in a five-year partnership which saw Nokia use Nakina software in a range of customer projects. According to an official release, the Finnish company… Read More