Latest SDN publications

How network re-architecting is opening a new era of intelligent services

Tao Wenqiang, Chief Planning Engineer at ZTE, discusses the new networking trends ushering a transformation revolution in the telecom industry The age of the Internet of Everything (IoE) is upon us,... Read More

Cisco announces updates to Application Centric Infrastructure capabilities

Cisco has announced an update to its industry-leading software-defined networking (SDN) solution, Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI). The update hopes to create a more seamless process for customers adopting intent-based networking for their data... Read More

Dell EMC and BT collaborate on new software-defined networks

A collaborative research project has been announced between Dell EMC and telco pioneer BT to find innovative ways of delivering telecom services. Tom Burns, Dell EMC senior vice president and... Read More

DataFort invests $5.4mn in Dubai data centre

eHosting DataFort announced that it has invested $5.4 million in T3 data center upgrades over the past 12 months. Upgrades were made to infrastructure, cooling, power, and security. The investment... Read More

Verizon releases software-defined perimeter security service

Verizon has launched a new software-defined perimeter solution to allow customers to proactively identify and prevent cyberattacks by building a virtual boundary around their network. According to Verizon, the Software-Defined... Read More

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