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Elon Musk offers sneak peak of SpaceX’s internet satellites

The entrepreneur is planning to offer internet to areas of the world with poor coverage SpaceX satellites designed to beam internet coverage from space to under-served areas of the world... Read More

Brexit could deny UK access to EU-wide GPS project Galileo

The UK’s pending departure from the European Union could mean that the country loses access to the EU’s global positioning system (GPS) system, Galileo – which it helped to design... Read More

16 years of GPS space weather data made publicly available

Over 16 years of GPS space weather data has been released to the public for the first time, in a bid to help boost understanding around radiation threats to Earth’s... Read More

Equinix data centres to introduce space laser connectivity

Equinix is to house a new laser network system within its global data centre facilities in partnership with space optics firm Laser Light, to beam IP bandwidth via satellites tens... Read More

UK Space fund to help develop satellite technologies and data

The UK Space Agency has announced a new £2 million fund to support the domestic development of space and satellite technologies, and to open an online platform for the sharing of... Read More

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